I’m Kelly, a style, image and colour consultant, graduated from the London College of Style. I love to dress myself, and this has always been a way for me to express my personality. But I did not always feel confident and certain that my choices were suited to my lifestyle and personality. Self-confidence came with time and a lot of practice.

My journey as a personal stylist started in 2017 when I moved to London. Moving countries brought me an incredible opportunity to work at LFW with renowned designers and to understand a little bit more about creating what will inspire brands around the world to create their next collections.

Living outside my country has both broadened my horizons and helped me to see people the way they are, their particularities and cultural tastes. This experience has only contributed positively to my profession, where I try to dress each client according to their essence, without rules which only limit us.

Living abroad, being the mother of two little boys, made me understand what are the difficulties that women have in finding time to think about their personal image, how our style changes according to the stages of our life and how to readjust and reorganise can be quite a challenge.

I am totally in love with what I do. Being able to help people find their best version and watch the smile on the face of someone who has taken another step into the process of self-knowledge is magical! My goal is to help you feel simply incredible!