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Triangle or pear, no matter the name, it is important to understand how to dress our body shape so that we feel comfortable, confident and beautiful! You have probably noticed that some pieces put your hips more in evidence than others, what may bring discomfort, in case of doing so is not your intention.

If drawing attention to your hips is not your intention. I am gonna present you some strategies for dressing the body that has more volume from the waistline down. It is simple! First thing is. Bring less details waistline down and let all the colourful, printed and embellished pieces for the top.

Top Half

It means that ruffles, prints, pockets, zipper, shoulder pads, ornaments, bows, large lapels, high collars, boat-neck, slash-neck, halter-neck should be worn top half. All these details will enhance and give extra width to your bust, drawing the eyes to your assets while taking the attention away from your hips.

Highlight your waist! Divert the attention from your hips

Another strategy is to enhance the waist, especially if you like to draw attention to this area of your body. Look for a dress style that highlight the waist and opens the skirt in an “A” shape. Belted dresses and skirts, wrap styles, are great for bringing attention to the waist.

Bottom Half

Wide-leg and straight-legged trousers work very well for an apple shape! They highlight the waist and slim down the hips. If you are a skinny jeans addicted, then you will need to evaluate how comfortable they will be and how much they will accentuate your curvy hips and bottom. When you decide to wear tight trousers, you will feel that your top half will need heavier styles in order to be in proportion with your bottom half.


Last but not least. Look out for bold, statement earrings or necklaces instead of big, flashy bracelets. When you relax your arms, the bracelets lie exactly at the hip, bringing extra volume to that area. The same goes for bags that lies exactly at the hips.

That’s all for today guys. I hope you had learnt some strategies on how to dress an apple body shape. Try it and let me know here in the comments. I will soon bring more posts for you to understand how to dress different silhouettes. Remember that the most important thing is to dress yourself into your personality. If you like to wear a piece that “doesn’t flatter you”, but you feel incredible in it, then wear it on repeat and be happy!


Kelly Tavora

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