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It’s Valentine’s Day and you might have been wondering what outfit to wear for Valentine’s Day to make the time spent with your Valentines even more special. I am writing you 3 strategies you can use to pull together the perfect outfit for this special day:

1. Check the dress code

If you are going somewhere, you’ve never been to and are in doubt about what to wear, check the place’s website, if it has one, to understand what would fit better the occasion. If you are meeting your Valentine at daytime, for lunch, you can dress yourself in a more casual outfit. If it’s a date night, then you can go a bit more glamorous. As I am writing from London, and it’s still winter here, I am going to give you some examples that are weather appropriated.

2. Be true to your style personality

Haven’t yet had your style discovered? Visit my website to book your appointment today. Knowing the best cuts to flatter your silhouette, the combinations you like to make and what you do not like when it comes to styling, will make you feel more confident when getting dressed. Can you imagine if you take hours deciding what to wear to go out with the person you love, you make the wrong decision and instead of enjoying the moment, you stay all the time thinking you shouldn’t have worn that short, uncomfortable skirt, or that super bright colour, or that trousers that are making you feel shorter, plus doesn’t go well with the top you decided to wear it with? Take some time to think if what you are going to wear is connected to who you are and how you want to be perceived. Being confident about your choices is totally worth the time wasted. 

3. Think about the colours

Not everyone feels comfortable wearing colours. One reason is because they do not know the colours that suit them better. If you want to find out your true colours, you can schedule an appoitment to have your colours done here. Another reason is, some people prefer to wear neutrals to special occasions, so they not go wrong. The fact is that colour is the first thing we notice in someone’s outfit. They communicate something about you, so use it on your favour. People normally connect love to the colour red. Red communicates passion, pink communicates love, for yourself and for others. But it is fine to wear red on Valentine’s Day, as passion is something good that once you felt for someone, before it becomes LOVE. Who does not like to remember that feeling of having butterflies inside the stomach? 

Ready to make your decision about what outfit to wear for Valentine’s Day? I hope these 3 strategies have helped you to think about something to wear today, or tonight, to go out with your valentine. Have fun!


Kelly Tavora

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